“For those fabricators who do not have access to a tubing expander, Burns Stainless offers both Double and Single Slips that can be welded to your fabrications. Slips are short expanded tubes that slip over a tube where two tubes are joined.” - Vince Roman

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Single Slips are most commonly used for naturally aspirated exhaust applications where a pipe joint is needed. The single slip can be butt-welded to the end of one pipe and will slip over the other end. Single slips are available in a wide range of tube sizes between 1-1/4” OD to 5” OD. The slip depth is between 1-3/4” to 2”.

Slips are made to order and are specified by the outside diameter.

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Burns Stainless Double Slips are Hand-Made, to Your Requirements and for Your Application.

Double Slip Cutaway Drawing

A double slip is comprised of an inner slip and an outer slip. The latter is welded to the exhaust primary forming a double-slip arrangement. Exhaust sealing is achieved due to differing rates of thermal expansion. As the exhaust heats up, the primary tube heats up, and expands. Since the inner slip is not in direct contact with the exhaust gas, it heats up less, and therefore expands less providing a tension seal between the two sections of tubing. Finally, the outer slip heats up even less, expanding even less causing an even tighter tension seal. As the joint cools the double slip will return to its normal size and your joint can be slipped apart for easy exhaust modification.

Features & Benefits of using Double Slips joints:
  • Forms an excellent seal - minimizing exhaust leakage
  • Provides flexibility - alleviating thermal stress that can lead to premature failures
  • Easy to disassemble - allowing quick modifications

Many fabricators choose to weld primary tubes at the joints to prevent leaks. Thermal expansion at welded seams will cause thermal stresses, potentially leading to cracked tubes. A alternative solution is to use Burns Stainless double slips. The double slip eliminates the need to weld the joint since it minimizes leakage around the slip joint. Since the joint is not welded, it is compliant enough to relieve thermal stress.


We have used this slip concept for many years and have used it in applications with over 60 psi exhaust pressure with no evidence of leakage. These joints are also excellent for street applications where a slip joint is required upstream of an oxygen sensor to minimize O2 intrusion into the exhaust resulting in erroneous O2 readings.

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When you order a Double Slip Assembly from Burns Stainless, we will provide you with an outer and inner slip. The "outer slip" is welded to your primary tube. The “inner slip” is welded to the downstream pipe and slides between your primary and the "outer slip". You now have three layers at your joint instead of two which minimizes leakage.