“There is much power to be found in researching collector design and size. The optimal collector is determined by several variables, and it’s engineering interacts with the entire exhaust system. The internal volume, the outlet size diameter, and the angles at which the pipes come together within the collector are all factors that must be maximized for the header to perform to its full potential.” - Jack Burns

“Our Merge Collectors are highly respected by many engine builders including NASCAR, and are widely used by champions in NHRA, IMSA, FIA-GT, and V8 Supercars.” - Vince Roman

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Merge Collectors


Burns Stainless Merge Collectors (Header Collectors) are custom engineered for each application using our proprietary X-designTM parametric custom exhaust design computer program. Merge Collectors combine high flow and high velocity to increase and broaden an engine’s torque curve all the way to the horsepower peak and beyond.

Our products feature the highest quality fabrication and TIG-welding. Each is completely hand finished inside for proper flow.Merge Collector with Cut-Away



Burns Stainless Offers:

  • Configurations:
    • 2-into-1
    • 3-into-1
    • 4-into-1
  • Materials:
    • 304 Stainless Steel
    • 321 Stainless Steel
    • Mild Steel
  • Merge Collectors for Turbo Applications
  • DynoSYSTM Adjustable Venturi Merge Collector System
  • B-TECTM Tunable Exhaust Collector

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It’s no secret that the most effective exhaust systems used on naturally aspirated (non-supercharged) race engines feature merge collectors - Merge CollectorsBurns Stainless merge collectors, predominantly, in professional racing classes.

What is less obvious is that the premier racers and engine builders utilize an entire engine breathing technology, carefully designed and specified to produce near-ideal torque and horsepower curves.

Burns Stainless has developed X-design, our parametric exhaust system modeling computer program, that has demonstrated remarkable success in predicting optimal header and collector dimensions in an extremely wide variety of applications.

The program uses as input an engine’s bore, stroke, and compression ratio, camshaft and cylinder head dimensions, horsepower and torque numbers, and the customer’s design targets, and renders detailed specifications of the ideal exhaust system parameters. In the case of a cylinder head with 4 ports, both a 4 into 1 and a 4-2-1 system will be configured. If it’s a 6 port head, we can model three possibilities: 6-2-1 (usually the best solution), 6-3-1, and 6 into 1 (rarely recommended except in some turbo applications because the excessive collector volume diminishes the merge effectiveness).

This essential service is included in the purchase of our Merge Collectors and we strongly recommend that racers take advantage of this service, as a kind of guarantee that the results are consistent with the state of the art in exhaust system tuning.

Merge collectors change the game fundamentally. When properly designed, they keep or augment the horsepower peak, and fill in the power curve from the torque peak on up. It is not uncommon to see gains of 15 to 25 hp with a good merge collector system, compared to a mass-produced “canister” style setup.

If you’re interested in enhancing your engine’s horsepower and torque curves, please complete our Race Engine Specification Form. The results may surprise you!

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