Burns Stainless LLC has been relentlessly pursing innovation in exhaust technology since 1984. We design, manufacture and test high quality exhaust components for the professional racer and fabricator. Our products are at work in practically every corner of the world. We pride ourselves in delivering winning solutions to our large and varied customer base where and when needed.


It's our ideas and theories about improving power that started our company. That same intensity and passion fuels our products today. That is why our collectors, exhaust components and complete systems have been showing up on winning cars, boats and motorcycles for over 30 years.


Today's power delivery challenges grow more complex and sophisticated by the day. That's why we're here to help our customers make the best power in the correct rpm range by doing the engineering up front. Our team has over 30 years of header and exhaust theory background and most importantly, a willingness to look at problems from a variety of perspectives. 


We specialize in solving exhaust design challenges and converting our ideas into products for our customers. We blend time honored, hand-crafted assembly processes along with automated material processing to ensure our operations are as efficient and reliable as possible. Many call our products "crafted tubular works of art."


There is significant power to be found in a properly engineered exhaust system. At the core is the exhaust collector - our collectors are legendary. The optimal collector is determined by several variables, and its engineering interacts with the entire exhaust system. The determining factors for optimal performance in any application have been heavily researched and automated. With over five thousand successful exhaust designs, backed by both in-house and customer testing, our experience is unmatched.


Our customers are the fuel that runs us. Thank you to all our priceless customers, the champions and the guys that outrun them, the record-setters and the ground-breakers, and especially all the geniuses and lunatics who hear what thier race engine is telling them.