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Turbo Products Double Slip Assembly

Burns Stainless has offered the Double Slip Turbo merge collectors for many years. Of course, the efficient merge design has helped them make maximum power, but also, the purpose-designed double slip joint has helped numerous customers avoid cracking in turbo exhaust manifolds due to thermal strain. The Burns collectors can be optioned with many different turbo-flanges including twin-scroll flanges. “Additional turbo efficiency and quicker spool-up is obtained by separating the even-firing cylinders into a twin scroll turbine inlet,” says Vince Roman, Technical Director at Burns Stainless.


Double-slip assemblies are now available for purchase online. Ranging in size from 1-1/4” OD to 5”, these double-slips can be strategically placed in the exhaust system to avoid the thermal stress and allow for disassembly. Burns Stainless also offers the race fabricator a wide variety of products for use in turbo applications including heavy duty lug-type tabs to provide extra holding power for turbo collectors, as well as turbo inlet and waste-gate flanges. Also, a wide variety of 6061 aluminum tubing and mandrel bends ranging in size between ¾” OD to 5” OD are available for intake and intercooler plumbing. For joining tubes, we also carry Hydraflow Clamp Assemblies as well as aluminum V-band flanges with O-ring seals.

Burns Stainless has prided itself over the years to provide the finest exhaust components to the racing industry with the highest quality customer service. Vince Roman, Technical Director of Burns Stainless comments “Burns Stainless wants to provide its customers with the best exhaust technology available. These turbo products meet that goal.”

Who is Burns Stainless? Burns Stainless is a provider of high quality exhaust components for the professional racer and fabricator. The company also provides engineering services for specific racing applications including exhaust collector and header design.

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