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Burns Stainless LLC Now Offers Hydraflow 14J21 Clamshell Flexible Couplings

Hydraflow 14J21 Coupling

Burns Stainless is pleased to announce that we are now carrying the Hydraflow 14J21 flexible fluid coupling compatible with the industry standard AS1650 flanges. The Hydraflow 14J21 coupling is a threadless flexible coupling for fluid transfer connections originally designed to meet stringent military and aerospace specifications and now available for motorsport applications. This lightweight coupling provides both axial (1/4”) and angular (+/- 4°) flexibility allowing for misalignment and movement flexibility. The coupling also includes integral electrical bonding wires allowing for safe electrical grounding meeting class “S” of MIL-B-5087B. The coupling design also uses industry standard tubing ferrules with o-ring seals (o-ring seals are sold separately and material should be selected by user to suit the application).

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