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Burns Stainless LLC Now Offers Custom Bending and Specialty Production Exhaust Fabrication

Custom Fabrication Example Multiple-Bend Tubing

In addition to providing the finest exhaust components for custom exhaust applications, Burns Stainless can also assist you with your low-volume production, custom bending, header, or complete exhaust system needs. We offer design, custom bending, assembly and fabrication services for production runs of 20 or more units. Utilizing mandrel bending machines, Burns Stainless can provide just multi-bend tubes used in both header or undercar exhaust applications, or a complete exhaust system, fully assembled and tested for fitment against jigs. Bending capabilities include tubing sizes of ¾” OD through 5” OD.

For customer seeking the finest low-production exhaust systems for low-production specialty car applications, Burns Stainless can take the process from conception to production providing design, prototyping and production services. Singer Vehicle Design, of Sun Valley, CA retained Burns Stainless to design, and fabricate the exhaust headers and muffler system for the exquisite Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer. The exhaust header was designed and optimized for the Cosworth-developed flat-6 engine utilizing the Burns X-Design program. The prototype header was built on a mule car provided by Singer. Once the design was approved following dynamometer and road testing, production fixtures were built and production commenced. We were also retained by Singer to design, prototype and produce a custom exhaust muffler that would properly fit the car and provide the characteristic 911 sound. “Great skill, great service, great people,” says Rob Dickinson, Creative Director at Singer Vehicle Design, “I can't recommend Burns Stainless more highly, they have risen to every challenge we have presented them with enthusiasm, patience, good humor and exquisite solutions.”

Who is Burns Stainless? Burns Stainless is a provider of high quality exhaust components for the professional racer and fabricator. The company also provides engineering services for specific racing applications including exhaust collector and header design.