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Many Builders Chose Burns Stainless Products for Custom Bikes at 2016 Born-Free Motorcycle Show

The eighth Born-Free Motorcycle Show took place in Silverado Canyon CA on the shores of Irvine Lake (puddle may be a more apt description due to the California drought). It is a great location for a motorcycle show as it is just minutes from the iconic Cook’s Corner and the ghosts of defunct riding parks like Escape Country and Saddleback Park. The show is a who’s who of bike builders with legends like Arlen Ness, Brandon Holstein, Roland Sands, Chip Kastlenik, Aaron Guardado, and others showing their latest creations to the die-hard fans braving the hot Southern California sun. And bikes, boy were there bikes! The parking lot was full of Harleys, Ducatis, Moto-Guzzis and more. Inside were even more bikes. San Diego Customs held an FXR show on Saturday that gathered over 70 Harley-Davidson FXRs – from stock to wild.

Burns Stainless was well represented at the show with Ultralight mufflers, merge collectors and stainless steel tubing displayed on many of the show bikes. These visionary builders understand the form and function of Burns Stainless parts and many choose to use them abundantly in their builds. Some noteworthy bikes are described below:

Brawny-Built | Speed Merchant

Brawny-Built/Speed Merchant HD750 "The Seminal"The Brawny-Built/Speed Merchant HD750 “The Seminal” is a one-off custom build that harkens to the flat track sportsters. The bike is based on a water-cooled XG750 Harley-Davidson engine and features a custom exhaust using Burns Stainless 1-3/4” OD stainless steel tubing bends and two Burns Stainless Ultralight mufflers (SM-200-350-12).



Brawny-Built/Speed Merchant Commissioned by PabstThis Brawny-Built/Speed Merchant hard-tail bobber was commissioned by Pabst Blue Ribbon to be auctioned to benefit military families. The S&S 80 cid Evolution motor is spooned into a retro-style chopper frame with exhaust gases passing through Burns Stainless mandrel bent 304SS tubing, a Burns 2-1 merge collector and an Ultralight muffler (SM-250-350-12).



Brawny-Built/Speed Merchant FXR Another Brawny creation was this black and gold FXR with an S&S Big Twin, inverted forks, Ohlins remote-reservoir shocks, Tokico brakes, Speed Merchant front plate and of course a custom built exhaust manifold, with stepped primaries, 2-1 Burns merge collector and Burns Ultralight muffler (SM-300-450-12). The power of this beast will make even St. Christopher cower.



Todd's Cycle Speed KingAlso in the booth was a magnificent 2009 Road Glide with a custom-voluptuous fuel tank built by Todd’s Cycles a few years ago. Brandon and his fabricator Ruji worked for Todd for many years before starting Brawny-Built. The “Speed King” was a rolling R&D lab for Todd’s shop and was upgraded to a 103 cid H-D motor with inverted Ohlin forks, air-ride self-leveling suspension, stock H-D side compartments with modified lids and many other custom parts and pieces. The newly installed Burns “No Holds Barred” (NhB) Bagger stainless steel exhaust provides the finishing touch to this boulevard cruiser. The gold accent of the heat-tinged stainless steel exhaust accentuates the silver-leaf over red Buck Wild paint job.


Suicide Machine Company

Suicide Machine Company "Speed and Style" FXR Suicide Machine Company "Speed and Style" Exhaust Close-UpSuicide Machine Company “Speed and Style” was built for the 2015 Hotbike Build-off and is based on the new Harley-Davidson XG750 engine. The chassis is all custom built, race-inspired flat-track Harley-Davidson sporting wild carbon fiber tank and bodywork. The bike has a custom-fabricated exhaust incorporating Burns Stainless mandrel bent tubing and a custom-sized SM-225-350-12 muffler and turnout.



Suicide Machine Company Ducati - HarleySuicide Machine Company road-race inspired Born Free Build-off entry is also based on the new Harley-Davidson XG750 motor. The Ducati-style space-frame wraps around the fuel tank and suspended engine. The bike uses a Ducati 1098 rear-swingarm and wheels. The GP style exhaust uses Burns Stainless mandrel stainless steel tubing, a 2-1 merge collector and a custom SMRC-225-300 muffler, all polished to a mirror-like finish. The exhaust was designed using Burns X-Design software to optimize performance.


San Diego Customs

San Diego Customs Red FXR &quotEl Chromeo&quotSan Diego Customs (SDC) had a number of bikes in their booth and many sporting Burns Stainless products. The most striking was a beautiful red and silver customized FXR powered by a Jim’s 135 engine. The exhaust was designed by Burns Stainless using the Burns X-design program and fabricated by Chip Kastelnik and his crew. The sinuous exhaust uses Burns Stainless mandrel bend tubing, Burns 2-1 merge collector and a custom ultralight muffler (SM-275-350-13). The exhaust was polished to a mirror finish matching the silver accented paint job – simply stunning!


San Diego Customs "Speed and Style" FXR The next bike in the SDC corral was an impressive 1999 FXR built for the 2015 Born Free show. The purple and orange flame-paint job wrapped around a blueprinted Harley-Davidson 120R motor, was set upon a pedestal to show off the craftsmanship of the SDSC shop. Much of this bike was custom fabricated including the racing-style oil pan, motor components and exhaust. The 1-3/4” OD stepped to 1-7/8” primaries were fabbed from Burns Stainless mandrel bend tubing. The primaries were joined using a Burns 2-1 merge collector and the sound sweetened with a custom Burns Ultralight muffler (SM-250-350-14).


San Diego Customs FXRSDC’s latest creation was a red FXR sporting a shined and polished Evo motor and elegant red paint job free of any distracting add-ons. The bike made a wonderful statement and a wonderful backdrop for the simple, elegant stainless steel exhaust with symmetrical curvature between the front and rear primary pipes. The stepped stainless pipes, Burns 2-1 merge collector and standard Ultralight SM-250-350-12 muffler were also beautifully polished and the beautiful gold tint proving that this bike was made to run, and not just sit and look pretty.


San Diego Customs FXDRSDC does more than just modify FXR’s. To prove it, Chip displayed this 1999 Dyna FXDX black beauty. The custom exhaust was designed by X-Design and built using 304 stainless tubing, a Burns 2-1 merge collector and a Burns Ultralight muffler (SM-250-350-12).



Burns Stainless looks forward to continue working with these exceptional builders along with new customers to make the next Born Free event even better. Burns Stainless is also ready to turn your project bike into the next show stopper. Just give us a call.


Burns Stainless LLC is not affiliated in any way with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. The Harley-Davidson® name are trademarks of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for the purpose of reference only.

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